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Sitecore Commerce (XC 9.3): Reset Password Error: The email does not exist

A registered customer on one of our client’s storefront was unable to reset the password. When the customer tried to reset the password using “Forgot Password”, they got an error stating “The email address does not exist”. Clicking on “Forgot Password” for a registered user resets the password & sends the temporary password to the user’s email address in this case. This has not happened. We looked into the commerce database for the customer & we were able to find the customer data & their corresponding user in the core db.  

After debugging the issue for a while, we noticed that sitecore calls storedprocs from the core db to reset the password. One of the stored proc that is called is “[dbo].[aspnet_Membership_ResetPassword]”. This stored proc resets the password & updates the “dbo.aspnet_Membership” table. This stored proc checks if the account is locked out before resetting the password using the variable “IsLockedOut”. 

Based on this info, we checked the data for the customer in the “dbo.aspnet_Membership”. We noticed that the “IsLockedOut” is set to 1 & this flag is set based on the number of wrong password attempts. We noticed that the number of wrong password attempts exceeded the limit and that set the “IsLockedOut” to 1 on the user corresponding to the customer. Since the user is locked out, the customer was unable to reset the password. All we had to do in this case was to unlock the user from the user management & inform the customer to try the “Forgot Password” again.