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Sitecore OrderCloud – Four 51 OrderCloud

Sitecore has acquired Four51, Inc., a company delivering modern B2B & B2C experience for enterprise brands. This acquisition by sitecore is to enhance the commerce management & help enterprise organizations deliver engaging customer experience. Four51 focused on the next gen B2B & B2C ecommerce platform. This product is called “OrderCloud”. OrderCloud is an Api-first, headless, micro services based & cloud-native platform. This platform is based on  MACH architecture principles, this means that every component is scalable & easily pluggable. OrderCloud focuses on making enterprises improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. OrderCloud is a scalable, high performance platform designed to handle large, multifaceted & highly distributed organizations. OrderCloud is also certified by MACH alliance.

Order management & B2B marketplace are the core features of OrderCloud. Order management features include managing multiple stores, brands & warehouses. Automated workflows are also part of order management features. The other core feature of OrderCloud is the B2B marketplace, this introduces the Supplier-buyer services management, supplier management tools help in connecting buyers to goods and services from multiple suppliers or vendors.

The ecommerce capabilities of Four51 in the area of B2B & B2C is a great addition to sitecore enterprise level capabilities. OrderCloud’s Api approach helps sitecore headstart to accelerate the delivery of eCommerce solution. The addition of orderCloud/Four51 will help with customized storefront that will include individual pricing and catalogs for customers. This will also increase the possibility to extend ecommerce to D2C channels. Four51 also opens the possibility of executing omni market control increasing profitability.