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for inriver

Extended data onboarding and supplier collaboration capabilities 

Easy onboarding of vendor data 

If your use case requires expanded vendor onboarding capabilities, including the ability to collaborate with vendors on product data being ingested into inriver, Aperture Labs has you covered. 

Our proprietary VendorConnect application is built as a companion to inriver, enabling rapid vendor onboarding, collaboration, and submission approval  – with minimal effort from your internal resources. 



The challenge for retailers and distributors

It’s common for companies to work with many different suppliers - sometimes hundreds or even thousands - and managing these suppliers, along with their extensive product information can become a complex problem very quickly. Along with giving suppliers the ability to upload and enrich product data, visibility must be restricted across suppliers and operators of the PIM need to review and approve the data. Managing this process seamlessly is a critical component of a successful, fully adopted PIM implementation.

The value of Aperture Labs’ VendorConnect application

VendorConnect provides a single point of exchange between PIM users and their many suppliers. This centralized and streamlined exchange allows PIM users to effortlessly create vendors, as well as assign vendor users, groups and permissions. 

Leveraging the portal’s search query, vendors quickly locate the products in need of enrichment and input the necessary data, such as copy or resources using the user-friendly interface. Vendors also have the ability to create new products within the portal.

Once data is imported by a vendor, PIM users are able to review the entries within the admin interface, validating the data and choosing to either accept or reject any given entry. Vendors can view the status of their submitted data and are provided with feedback if a submission is rejected. 

Highlights of VendorConnect 

Easily manage data and resources from multiple vendors without messy formatting issues 

Onboard new vendors quickly and without frustration while streamlining communication in a single portal

Realize faster time to market with the ability to rapidly review entries in the user-friendly interface, and accept or reject based on predefined criteria 

Reach out to learn more about VendorConnect for inriver